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Printable Free Certificate Borders

Everything here is Printable and Free!


This page contains all of our Printable Free Certificate Borders. They can be used as clip art in your awards project or you can use them as an award certificate background in a word processing program allowing you to add your own text. Click an image or link below to open that certificate border in a new window or tab for printing or copying.


About The Certificate Borders

Everything here is free for personal and private use.
Please see our Terms of Use statement.

You have the choice of printing a certificate border from our site or saving the file to your computer for future use. Each border graphic is a "gif" file. Most art and/or graphic programs will be compatible with this type of file. It can also be used in most leading word processing programs as a clip art image or as a background which will enable you to turn your background border into a certificate. For more detailed printing and saving information, please see our Printing Tips page.


Printable Free Certificate Borders Selection

Click a certificate border below to open a printable page. This page will open in a new window or tab. You can print the image from there using print preview or you can copy and save the file to your computer by clicking the right button on your mouse. Close the window or tab to return. For more detailed printing help, see Printing Tips.

Enjoy your printable free certificate borders!


Blue Official Certificate Border

Blue Official


Gold Official Certificate Border

Gold Official


Gold Royal Certificate Border

Gold Royal


Gold Swirl Certificate Border

Gold Swirl


Green Bold Certificate Border

Green Bold


Black Leaf Certificate Border

Black Leaf


Gray Fan Certificate Border

Gray Fan


Black and White Fan Certificate Border

Black and White Fan


Old Country Certificate Border

Old Country


Corners Certificate Border



Bold Arrows Certificate Border

Bold Arrows


Red Fan Certificate Border

Red Fan


Baseball Certificate Border



Basketball Certificate Border



Gray Presentation Certificate Border

Gray Presentation


Red Presentation Certificate Border

Red Presentation


Blue Presentation Certificate Border

Blue Presentation


Blue Award Certificate Border

Blue Award


Shaded Award Certificate Border

Shaded Award

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