How To Play Bingo  

How To Play Bingo

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    Learn the basics of how to play bingo. Complete bingo instructions and a few samples are shown in our descriptions below. Then use our bingo card and call sheet makers to create your bingo cards and call sheets.  

About How To Play Bingo

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Our "How To Play Bingo" description below is only the basics of playing bingo using our printable free bingo cards and call sheets. See the Printable Free Bingo Cards - Main Page for links to our bingo card and call sheet makers. For details on printing your free bingo cards, please see our Printing Tips page.


How To Play Bingo

There are several variations of the game Bingo. The game we will be describing here is the standard bingo game which most people have at least heard of or played.


Bingo uses the numbers 1 through 75 along with the letters B, I, N, G and O. It is also played with a card similar to the one shown in Sample 1 on the right.The card is a grid of five columns and six rows. The top row is filled with the letters B, I, N, G and O. Each column is designated one of these letters usually arranged into the word BINGO.

Each column has five different numbers except for the N column which has four because the middle square is a free space. This space can be marked immediately upon starting the game. Each square in the B column will contain one of the numbers 1-15 without repeating any numbers. The I column contains one of the the numbers 16-30. The N column, 31-45, the G column, 46-60 and the O column will contain one of the numbers 61-75. There should be no repeating numbers on the entire card.

The card shown to the right in Sample 1 is a sample of one of our Large Bingo Cards. Using our large bingo card maker, you can print these bingo cards one to a sheet.

Below, shown in Sample 2, is a sample of our Two Bingo Cards. Our two bingo card maker will allow you to print two smaller bingo cards on the same sheet. Both cards will be different.

With our printable free bingo card makers, you can print as many bingo cards as you like.

Large Bingo Card Sample
Sample 1 - Large Bingo Card
    Two Bingo Cards Sample
Sample 2 - Two Bingo Cards

Also, to play bingo, you will need a call sheet or some way to randomly call the letters and numbers. The way they are called is, for example, O-72, B-8, N-37, etc. Many people who play bingo use numbered balls. They mix them up and draw them one by one. On this site, we provide Printable Free Call Sheets as shown in Sample 3 below. They can be used in a similar manner by calling the numbers either down the columns, across the rows or randomly. Our call sheet makers shuffle the numbers so each call sheet generated is different so, if you like, you can get a different call sheet for each game.

    Bingo Call Sheet Sample
Sample 3 - Bingo Call Sheet

The final thing you need is some way to mark the called squares. This can be done as easily as using a pen or marker or you can use a coin or some type of similar marker.

Once you get all of your bingo materials, you need to decide who is the Bingo Caller. This is the person who will call the numbers from the call sheet. This person also will be the one to verify all winning cards.

Now you are ready to play bingo. The Bingo caller starts the game by calling the first numbers. If they were to call B-7, for example, you should check your card in the B column to see if you have the number 7. If you do, you place a marker on that spot. The game continues in this manner until someone calls Bingo! To call Bingo! you must cover any five squares in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The free space in the middle counts as one square and you can immediately place a marker on that square. Click the Printable Free Bingo Cards - Main Page link below to find our bingo card and call sheet makers.

Contact us for any questions or comments. Please enjoy your Printable Free Bingo Cards!

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